Sources of Leadership Inspiration

Leadership requires you to be open to new thinking, to new ideas, and to always be prepared to try new things.  There are some wonderful resources out there, and we want to share them with you, so that this site becomes a source that you can come to for inspiration.

Jim Collins: Level 5 Leadership

Level 5 leadership is the highest form of leadership – a combination of humility and fierce resolve.  Identified by Collins and Poras in their study of companies which went from good to great, the findings are talked about by Jim Collins in this Harvard Business Review article:

Margaret Wheatley

Anyone interested in leadership should read the fabulous Margaret Wheatley..

Mark Strom: Grounded Questions

A capability that every modern leader must seek is the ability to ask grounded questions.  Watch this TED talk by Mark Strom:

Mark has also written a fabulous book entitled “Lead with Wisdom”.  It is published by Wiley and available from most major book shops.

Maya Nova of Mind Balance

Maya shared the following video on the essence of leadership, including the importance of Mindfulness:


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