Leaders for the Future tackles the issues that are challenging tomorrow’s leaders. It also offers insight and learning for leaders who know that to lead well, they must first focus on themselves.

You will find out more about our programmes here. We do not have programmes currently running but we will develop bespoke programmes for your organisation.

‘Leaders for the Future’ provides international leadership programmes for leaders in New Zealand and the UK.  The initial ‘Leaders for the Future’ programmes were developed for the Logistics and Transport industry in partnership with the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport. They are focused on leading in a globally connected world, and in particular:
– the development of leadership skills and practices, and the understanding of self – the basis of leadership.
– learning from other leaders through facilitated in depth conversations and seminars with senior leaders within the logistics and transport sector, and those from outside the sector on specific topics of interest.
– the development of in depth relationships with a network of other participants from across the UK or New Zealand, leading to an effective ongoing Alumni support group of all participants.
– an in depth understanding of the issues confronting the logistics and transport sector, including global and national economic influences, sustainability, social and cultural changes, technology, leadership in the workplace etc.
– participants get to view the world through a range of lenses – of different sectors, industries, modes and geographic locations and different speakers and leaders.

In New Zealand, short personal leadership programmes are also designed for delivery through different leadership training providers and in house. The Kouzes and Posner Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI) is used as a basis for these short courses. We can organise for this leadership performance measure to also be administered in your workplace.

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